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Capital Equipment

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₹89,999 ₹119,000
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  • Traps 99.995% of Particles
IVF Thermometer
In Stock
  • Unique Microprobe for Micro Drop Measurement.
RI Witness
In Stock
  • RI Witness Uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Benchtop Trigas Incubator
In Stock
  • Reduced Oxygen Culture Capability
CO2 Incubator
In Stock
  • Air-Jacked, Direct Heating Technique
Oocyte Aspiration Pump
In Stock
  • BLUE LED Vacuum Display
Spermfuge Centrifuge
In Stock
  • Constant Temperature 37 Deg.
Binocular Microscope
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  • Built-In 6V20W Halogen Light Illuminator
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Lasotronix Smart M 980nm 15W Diode Laser for ENT
₹750,000 ₹950,000
In Stock
  • High Success Rate
Save 8%
Pain Management Laser Handpiece Compatible with Lasotronix Laser
Save 11%
Spider Vein Vascular Treatments Laser Handpiece Compatible with Lasotronix Diode Laser
₹350,000 ₹392,000
In Stock
  • Compatible with Lasotronix Diode Laser
Save 38%
Lasotronix Dual Wavelength 980nm + 1470nm 30W Diode Laser
₹1,200,000 ₹1,950,000
In Stock
  • Dual Wavelength
Save 29%
Dispenser DP30 for Tumescent Application
₹250,000 ₹350,000
In Stock
  • Best Price/Performance Ratio
Save 45%
A.M.I.® HAL / RAR System
₹325,000 ₹590,000
In Stock
  • Safe, Gentle & Effective Treatment For All Grades of Haemorrhoids In One Procedure
Save 39%
Endoscopic Camera System DSC-103E Pro for Laparoscopy & Endososcopy
Save 25%
Video Dermascope - Dr Camscope Pro LED Video Dermascope DSC-105Pro
IRC - Non-Invasive & Non-Surgical Treatment for Piles & Other Diseases by Infrared Coagulation
In Stock
  • The Penetration Depth And Intensity Of These Remarkably Precise Tools Are Easily Controlled.
Dr Oppel Radio Frequency Generator- 4MHz Radio Frequency Surgical Device
In Stock
  • The Radio Frequency Output 4 MHz  The Precision Operation is Capable  By Minimizing Damage to the Cellular Tissue, the Fast Healing Can Be Secured
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