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The PassBox®
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About us

The PassBox®Is India’s Largest Online Store

For Medical Devices, Equipment &

Single window for procurement of medical devices required at hospitals & home

The PassBox®Is Largest Network Of

Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors &
Re-sellers In India!

Nexus worth to share their products at affordable rates, across the nation

Why the name “The PassBox®”?

Passbox is box like structure in the cleanroom systems, which is used to transfer material from one side to other side through controlled environment in order to avoid airborne cr oss contamination.


We at “The PassBox®”, deliver quality products to customers straight from the authentic seller, without getting it manipulated or affecting its quality. This all at very affordable prices, and at one click!

Why To Buy Product on ?

  • Wide range of quality products available
  • Right product for every buyer
  • Lowest rate offered
  • Online Bidding/Negotiation option available
  • Faster door delivery
  • All India operations
  • Ease of use
  • Return & fast refund policy
  • Expert team
  • Sellers from all across India
  • Training videos or support can be provided on request
  • Trust of The PassBox
  • 3 Fulfillment centers across India

Who Can Buy Product?

Doctors and hospitals can buy the products as per their requirements. Also there are products for home-health uses & office uses at

There are several categories, sub-categories and segments of products wisely arranged for everyone on the store. There is product for every buyer.

Who Can Sell Products?

If you are manufacturer, wholesales, distributor or re-seller, then you can register on and list your product at few easy steps. You just need to have GST Number, PAN Number, Bank details and drug license*to list your products.

* drug license(if required for your product)

How To Buy Product?

Buyer can buy the product at easy steps, as below! If you are Doctor or Hospital Administrator, then you need to register with few easy steps.

If you are doctor, then-

  • You need to sign up by using your email address and mobile number
  • Upload your doctor’s registration ID
  • Upload your PAN Card
  • Verify your email and mobile
  • And you are good to buy your desired products on the move

If you are Hospital Admin, then-

  • You need to sign up by using your email address and mobile number
  • Upload hospital’s/proprietor’s PAN Card
  • Upload hospital’s GST Certificate (if any)
  • Verify your email and mobile
  • And you are good to buy your desired products on the move

How To Sell Products?

Seller can sell their products on at few easy steps. Register by clicking here.

  • Seller should register first with all the relevant details as guided on registration page. Upload the product along with all details and commercials.
  • Product will be reviewed and approved by admin team of
  • Once product is live on, you are ready to accept the orders.

Who We Are?

The PassBox® is powered by RentoMed Private Limited, which is Pune based startup company started in 2020. RentoMed® is working to transform traditional procurement structure of healthcare industry of India. RentoMed® is one of the top promising med-tech start-ups of the country focuses especially on the surgical devices and e- commerce business of healthcare products. We at RentoMed® strive to use the technology at hand to develop devices and products and services that can offer an array of innovative solutions for the patients thereby providing better care for them. We emphasize on improving the patient experience while undergoing therapy and coming up with solutions for the same.

We leverage our knowledge and technology to identify and provide solutions to the largely ignored patient needs in the best possible way. Being an industry first, we have come up with a “The PassBox®” which is e-commerce platform for doctors, hospitals and home health consumers. We take prioritize patient needs and utilize all the technology and knowledge to achieve it, making us the patient-centric company.

Our goal is to craft products with quality, comfort and convenience. Focused on expertly managing specialized assets, we cultivates work environment that breeds constant innovation and pursues uncompromising quality benefiting patients and doctors alike. We provide an online Business to Business (B2B) & Business to Consumer (B2C) E-Commerce platforms for Sellers & Commercial as well as Non-Commercial buyers too, not only for buying & selling but also for renting healthcare equipment. RentoMed® offers healthcare solutions categorically by its different business unit’s names: Kite Medica, The PassBox®, and Our business is spread across India and having our head quarter at Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore & Delhi. “Every life is precious; add quality to it” this is the basic of our work at RentoMed®.


Every Life Is Precious; Add Quality To It!

प्रत्येकं जीवनं बहुमूल्यं भवति; तस्मिन् गुणवत्तां योजयन्तु!


To build strong relationship with our clients by providing quality products and services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.


To offer end-to-end solutions for healthcare providers and other stakeholders. Excel the opportunities beyond the limits.

Meet Our Team

Some of the people you'll be working with

Shriram Sonawane
Founder | Director
Founder and Director of ThePassBox and Rentomed.

Shriram has vision to improve the quality of healthcare in India.

He introduced a unique concept of renting out medical equipment to hospitals, doctors and for home health purposes.

Its unified platform with the device to track called “RentoWatch” developed by IIT Mumbai passed out team.

Suraj Otari

Manager & Head - IT

Developer, Manager and IT- Head in thepassbox.

Handling all technical stuff of thepassbox portal

Provide all technical related support and resolution of thepassbox web portal and mobile apps

Sagar G Vispute

Asst. General Manager - Operations

Asst and General Manager-Operations at thepassbox.

Sagar is an engineer graduate, enthusiastic and innovative person.

He is curious towards most of the technological things. He adapted and grew the business by 2 folds in last 3 years.

Under his leadership, he set up the entire The PassBox® store with the help of his team and started getting orders and sellers on board smoothly.

Jayesh Nikalje

Manager- Logistics

Manager, and handling all logistics department of thepassbox.

Jayesh is an engineer diploma holder, calculative, elaborative and energetic person.

He adapted and grew the business by saving unnecessary expenses in logistics.

He is clever and honest towards his work.

Safa Quraishi

Customer Acquisition Manager

Customer Acquisition Manager.

Safa is post graduate from microbiology.

She has a reach experience of teaching. She also worked for companies with IT background.

Safa is currently working as Customer Acquisition Manager. She is playing very important role in collecting data and insights from customers to upgrade and improve their experiences.

Kishor Pawar

Head Logistics

Head Logistics.

Kishor is graduate in arts.

He joined company from day 1 and still counting on it.

Under his leadership, he set up the entire The PassBox® store with the help of his team and started getting orders and sellers on board smoothly.

Allen Francis

Asst. General Manager - Sales

Asst General Manager-Operations of thepassbox.

Allen is an commerce graduate, smart, problem solver, and hardcore sales person.

Pitching customer with facts and science and convincing them to buy our products, is Allen’s marker key.

Allen grew the business from scratch. He and his team mapped the region with flags of Rentomed.

Allen is also instrumental in onboarding team and sellers on The PassBox®.

Sagar Pusegaonkar

Seller Acquisition Manager

Seller Acquisition Manager at thepassbox.

Sagar is an post graduate in Agriculture technology.

Sagar has always been into sales of high tech products which delivers happiness through innovations.

He enrolled and on-boarded many sellers on The PassBox® and still counting.

Sagar is instrumental in bringing sellers and company on one single point of agreement which is win-win for both the parties.

Sachin Dhakare

Manager- Govt Business

Manager- Govt Business

Sachin is masters in chemical technology.

Sachin is currently working as Govt Business Head. He served MNCs in India in the field of chemical engineering.

He is pursing his PhD in Nano technology.

Sachin achieved great mile stones in Govt business in India. Sachin made strong foundation in understanding Govt policies and their process.

    Future Plans

  • Creating good hygiene business environment for healthcare industry
  • Guiding and providing Govt establishments for better patient care
  • Giving society, a healthy life style
  • Nurturing and growing good practices amongst healthcare providers including traders

    Future Goal

  • Making The PassBox® a 100cr brand
  • Making the choice of app for rent-in medical devices
  • Putting EnRoot in ultra premium cosmetic product range

प्रत्येकं जीवनं बहुमूल्यं भवति; तस्मिन् गुणवत्तां योजयन्तु!