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Surgeon's Guide to the Different Types of Proctoscopes for Rectum Patients

  • By Proctoscope
  • •  Dec 09, 2022

When a patient presents themselves with a rectal issue, it is important to pick the best proctoscope to do the job. To diagnose an abnormality, you need to identify the correct symptoms and use a proctoscope that will give the least amount of pain and discomfort to the patient.

What is a Proctoscope?

A proctoscope is a tube made of medical-grade plastic or metal that is inserted in the patient's colon or rectum to examine the tissues. Minor procedures such as extraction for biopsies and removals can also be performed with a proctoscope. 

There are four types of rigid scopes. Their names depict the functions they perform.

  • Anoscope- It is only 2-3 inches long and observes the anus and lower rectum.
  • Proctocope- It is longer than an anoscope and observes the mid-length of the rectum.
  • Rectoscope- This type of scope examines the full length of a rectum.
  • Sigmoidoscope- The longest of the rigid scopes, it can observe the lower part of the colon.

What is the Structure of a Proctoscope?

A proctoscope is a hollow tube that has a tapered end. This end is designed for smooth insertion. There is an obturator in the tube. 

This obturator is removed after insertion, and the doctor uses an eyepiece or digital camera to observe the rectal tissues. A handle is present to hold the proctoscope in place while doing medical procedures.

What Are the Different Types of Proctoscopes?

Proctoscopes can be of different types depending on the procedure, material, usage, and structure. Doctors use the following kinds of proctoscopes to examine rectal tissues:

Disposable Proctoscope

Disposable proctoscopes are used for a single intervention. They are not used a second time on the same or different patient. These proctoscopes reduce the chance of infection as they are thrown away after a single use.

Your medical staff does not need to clean and sterilize this proctoscope. Just safely dispose of it off in the proper waste collection bin.

Disposable proctoscopes are made of transparent plastics. It is easier to see the rectal tissues directly without any camera. However, you need constantly refill your proctoscope supply if you use disposable ones.

Reusable Proctoscope

Unlike disposable proctoscopes, reusable ones can be used again after sterilization. You need to sterilize reusable proctoscopes with an autoclave or sterilizing solution to prevent infection. This may take time and effort but it is a one-time investment. Reusable proctoscopes are made of metal that provides sturdy usage. 

Lighted Proctoscope

Lighted Proscoscopes have a light source at one end. This light source is detachable and reliable. They allow a complete and clear view of the rectal tissues. You can use a lighted proctoscope in low-light situations.

Closed-End Proctoscope

As mentioned above, proctoscopes generally have an obturator within a tube. But Closed-end Proctoscopes use a single piece of the rigid tube. They are easy to use as you will not remove the obturator and start the examination immediately after insertion. 

Our Beak proctoscope has an innovative design and it comes in two sizes. The one with a large diameter examines and performs outpatient procedures such s hemorrhoidectomy, sutures, and excisions. 

Flute-Beaked Proctoscope

Flute-beaked Proctoscopes have a slightly longer tube on one side like a flute. Doctors use it for surgical procedures. Insert the proctoscope with the shorter end on the tissue requiring treatment. The longer end holds the opposite side tissue away from the surgical zone. 

Our Flute-Beaked Proctoscope is disposable, latex-free, and provides peak comfort to the patient. 

Trunk-End Proctoscope

Unlike Flute-Beaked equipment, the Trunk-end Proctoscope is the same in length from all sides. It is a uniform cylindrical tube used in colorectal procedures. Trunk-end Proctoscopes observe the tissues just above their tube end. 

Our Trunk-end Proctoscope is disposable and comes with a free pen light. It gives excellent insertion with the least amount of pain to the patient. 

Pediatric Proctoscope

These types of proctoscopes are smaller in diameter and length. They are used to perform anorectal examinations and procedures on kids and small adults. 

Our pediatric proctoscope is 58mm x 18mm in size. It comes in both flute-beaked and trunk-end structures for versatile use. They are also allergy-free and disposable to prevent the spread of infection in children. 

As a GI doctor, equip yourself with all types of proctoscopes because every patient has a different diagnosis and medical history. Choose latex-free and good-quality proctoscopes for ease of procedures and patient comfort. 

The Passbox caters to the medical field by providing all types of proctoscopes. Visit our online store to buy high-grade proctoscopes in India.

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