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Fogging Solution for Disinfecting Homes or Hospitals

  • By Fogging Solution
  • •  Nov 29, 2022

You must have seen local corporation workers spraying localities with sanitizing solutions during COVID-19. This method is called fogging solution, which uses a jet spray to disinfect areas that are hard to reach. 

Fogging is an effective way of cleaning the surroundings. It is becoming popular with time as more people want overall disinfection of homes and offices. The small particles reach the tiniest crevices allowing the total elimination of bacteria and pathogens.

Fogging is an ideal solution to sanitize homes and hospitals. It is quick and easy. Also, it has better results compared to the traditional wiping technique.

How Does Fogging Solution Work?

Fogging solution consists of a liquid mixture of biocidal agents. Too technical? Let us explain it in a few simple words. 

Biocidal agents are substances that kill living cells. This means any microorganisms, like bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, etc., are killed by biocidal agents. They break the cell wall of these microbes to euthanize them. 

Biocidal agents are organic or inorganic chemicals. They are sprayed onto surfaces like aerosols for complete coverage. Minute particles of biocides reach the nooks and corners of rooms where your mop can never touch. 

Therefore, it is a superior method of cleaning hospitals where any chance of infection should be avoided.

Why is Fogging Solution Better?

There are countless cleaning methods and solutions out there. So, what makes fogging solutions the best option in the modern world? These are the points that set it apart.

  • It Is Non-Toxic

Earlier fogging solutions were toxic to human health as they were used by the military to disinfect shelters and bunkers. Inhalation of these fumigating substances gave rise to countless respiratory diseases and bioaccumulation.

As research and technology progressed, better alternatives emerged. The present fogging solutions are non-toxic and safer for the general population. They are modified for general purposes and not restricted to only high-end places. 

  • It Reaches Corners And Saves Time

When you use a mop dipped in phenyl disinfectant, it fails to reach the corners of rooms. Bacteria can collect there rendering the place unhygienic, and unsafe. 

Fogging the corners is a far better option to sanitize 100% bacteria. It is less laborious and time-consuming. Only spraying the disinfectant in the right direction is needed to cleanse the area.

  • It Is Affordable

The amount of solution required for one round of cleaning is minuscule compared to mopping. You can spray a large area of the house with just one cap of fogging solution. Buy a fogging solution in bulk, and you are good to go for the whole year. 

How To Choose The Best Fogging Solution in the Market?

Now that you know the advantages of fogging, you will be looking for the best product in the market. The moment you go online, there will be a bombardment of several options to choose from. 

Look for these qualities in the fogging solution and make the safest decision possible.

  • Toxin-Free

Make sure that the disinfectant does not contain any acid, aldehydes, or quats that would decompose later. Volatile toxins are a respiratory hazard, so check for ingredients that have low toxicity. It should contain only food-grade ingredients.

  • Environment-Friendly 

We must contribute to the environment's well-being. Choose fogging solutions that have clean stabilizers. They must not have heavy metals that pollute the atmosphere. Check if the ingredients are biodegradable.

  • Non-Corrosive

You will use fogging solutions on several surfaces like ceramics, floors, wood, and metals. Ensure that the solution does not contain corrosive materials that will erode your furniture. 

Used in Air Conditioners

Dust and smog particles get stuck in air conditioners. They accumulate in the motors and form rust. Choose a fogging solution that dries quickly and doesn't require rinsing. 

Fogging is a new-age solution for disinfection. In today's fast-paced world a quick and effective sanitization method is needed. Fogging is the most suitable method for homes and hospitals today.

The Passbox's Eirox Dry Fogging Solution is an affordable, non-toxic, fogging disinfectant. Buy our disinfectant to get the best sanitizing effects.

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