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Is Stapler Circumcision better than Standard Circumcision?

  • By Circumcision Stapler
  • •  Jan 25, 2023

As a urologist, you know that the most performed outpatient procedure is male circumcision. Religious doctrines and infection of the prepuce dictate the removal of the foreskin. Moreover, 13% of the Indian population is circumcised, with more cases soon. Most circumcisions are performed within ten days of a male child's birth.

Several medical conditions can be treated and prevented by circumcision. These include

  • Phimosis- When the foreskin is unable to retract.
  • Paraphimosis- When a retracted foreskin refuses to return to its original position.
  • Balanitis- Infection of the glans penis.
  • Balanoposthitis- Infection of both the glans penis and foreskin.

Many circumcision procedures and devices are available in the market. You can pick your suitable one according to the patient's demands. However, standard circumcision and stapler circumcision are the most common procedures used by urologists. In this article, we will compare the two procedures and tell you which has the fewest complications. But first, let's take a closer look at both methods of circumcision before drawing any conclusions.

How is Standard Circumcision Performed?

Standard circumcision is also called open circumcision. An incision is made to separate the foreskin from the glans penis. It can include one of the three procedures- the forceps-guided method, the dorsal slit method, and the sleeve resection method. 

It uses a local anaesthetic to numb the area. After this, a preferred surgical instrument like the Glomco clamp, Mogen clamp, Plastibell, and Shang ring excises the foreskin. The surgeon then uses dissolvable sutures to stitch the wound.

How is a Circumcision Stapler Used?

The stapler circumcision is a rapid and modern surgical procedure. It employs a single item known as a circumcision stapler. This device must be discarded after a single usage.

Local or general anaesthesia is injected to numb the area. The diameter of the head of the penis is measured to pick the right size circumcision stapler. An inner bell is placed inside the foreskin to protect the glans penis. The circumcision stapler is fitted on the top and pressed to cut the foreskin. Circumcision staples stitch the wounds quickly. The staples are surgically removed after the wound heals.

Complications in Standard Circumcision

Although it is an ancient and widely used practice, standard circumcision has many postoperative complications. These complications include:

  • Excessive pain after surgery
  • Intraoperative-bleeding
  • High risk of infection and inflammation
  • Lengthy recovery period (up to 3-4 weeks)
  • Postoperative hematoma risk (collection of blood under the skin)
  • Penis swelling and pain

Complications of Stapler Circumcision

When compared to traditional circumcision, stapler circumcision is connected with fewer problems, particularly when it comes to severe oedema and wound dehiscence. These benefits may be attributed to the short operational time, limited tissue injury, and lack of electrocautery.

If we closely compare the results, stapler circumcision has the following advantages:

  • Less pain after the operation.
  • No intraoperative bleeding.
  • The disposable device reduces the risk of infection.
  • Shorter recovery period.
  • Less wound dehiscence.

Stapler Circumcision vs Standard Circumcision

Open circumcision relies on stable surgical handwork. It is a successful procedure if the surgeon has great precision and patience to do the sutures and incisions. It is not feasible in a high-volume setting where the doctor will be exhausted after a whole day of routine procedures.

Stapler circumcision is not dependent on stable surgical hands. It is as easy as stapling papers. The only thing you need to do is measure the correct size and use an appropriate device. Another truth is that circumcision staplers can be utilised in high-volume environments, allowing for more surgeries per day.

Stapler Circumcision

Standard Circumcision

Less painful

More painful

No intraoperative bleeding


No risk of infection

High risk of infection

Short recovery period

Long recovery period

No hematoma risk

Hematoma risk

Less wound dehiscence

More wound dehiscence

Independent of surgeon’ experience

Surgeon experience is paramount

Can be used in high-volume setting

Cannot be used in high-volume setting

Finally, the circular stapler is a simple and user-friendly tool for executing male circumcision. It has a quicker surgical duration, less blood loss, and fewer postoperative issues than traditional circumcision. This novel technology has the potential to considerably simplify and standardise circumcision operations. Consequently, its widespread adoption might be beneficial.

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